Member Comments about participating in the Jazz Jams Club:
Kevin's comment 2019/May/26:

During the jam Kevin said "This is the most fun I have had all day".

Jay's comments 2019/May/12:

I'm a rock blues player who mostly plays bass trying to learn/improve playing jazz tunes and this is a pretty supportive environment.

The instruction manual, different phases of signing up, web links, the different version of charts, song start time estimates on the jam schedule, etc. can make this seem like a mad-scientist laboratory experiment, but my reality is that I spent about a minute picking songs on the sheet then on the actual day drive over, park, plug in and play. John is doing all the heavy organizational lifting, bringing the PA, etc. It's easy for the rest of us.

There is plenty of free parking, the food is cheap and looks delicious, and there is fun camaraderie among the jammers. James and I are even carpooling and I recognized the other keyboard player (John) who regularly comes out a few days ago downtown and we chatted - I feel like I'm getting to know people and making music friends. So, lest you think the technology is taking over, the human element still dominates.

The live sound is fuller than the direct recording tones, and if you've listened to the recordings you've heard all my clams. :-)  It's OK to be rusty!  :-)

Keith on drums at the 2018/Nov/11 jam (9th jam):

Keith asked me if we could jam every two weeks. He wouldn't ask that if he wasn't having a lot of fun.

Kay's comment when she first emailed me before the 2017/Dec/19th jam (6th jam):

Kay is a member who emailed me from Austrailia after reading the ad. She wrote "I really like what you are doing. I will be in Canada for Christmas holidays. Can I come out to jam?". You can see her in the Facebook pictures and it appears she was very happy about attending the jam. You can visit her website here.

Steve's comment 2017/Jan (5th jam):

I heard Steve say to a friend who was invited to the jam "This is about as low pressure a performance as you will ever get". I would say they are even lower now as we know what we can and cannot get away with while still holding the location. The ad describes this in detail.

Adam comment 2016/Dec (4th jam):

I remember Adam saying the jam was fun. Unfortunately Adam started a new career and has not had a lot of time to keep up his jazz playing.