Reasons to be using the same fake book:
· There are at least 8 things that could be different for the same song in different fake books so the odds are very high you need to
be using the same fake book to play the same song if you want people to think you know what you are doing.
· When the same song appears in a different Fakebook (with the exception of simple songs such as Miles Davis's "So What")  the
odds very high they will have different chords. I checked the first 50 common songs in the RB Berklee V1 and the RB Hal Leonard
V1 and they all had different chords. I concluded that almost all common songs across all fake books have different chords. I
emailed Hal Leonard and they said there is no guarantee the same song in their different fake books has the same chords. The
Vanilla Book chords by Ralph Patt has simpler chords than most of the other fake books. So the only way the harmony players and
soloists have any certain hope of sounding good with the more complex songs is to be sure they are using the same fake book.
· At times the same song in different fake books (will be in a different key, will have different repeats. will have a different number of
bars). As an example Desafinado in the first Berklee real book has 4 less bars than in the Hal Leonard real book.
· At times the same song in different fake books (will have different solo instructions, will have different intros, will have different