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This table shows the actual start/end times of the songs and the minutes of gap between songs.
2019/Mar/31: (11th Jam) - Supreme Resturant and Bar

This was our first 3-Song-Guarantee Jam-Sharing-Procedure jam. It started out being scheduled with 2 piano players and 2 bass players sharing for a total of 8
members playing/singing. Tom on bass could not attend and William on guitar also could not attend. So we matched out highest attendance of 6. Tony on vocals,
Joseph on bass, Jay on guitar, James on piano, John on piano and myself participated. It was a lot of fun as proven by the fact that everyone scheduled for the next
jam within two days except Joseph who wanted to come but he was on call at his work that day. Clearly the 3-Song-Guarantee Jam-Sharing-Procedure is a big hit.
Never before as another jam been so quickly scheduled with so many repeat members. The jam started 12 minutes late and was a bit chaotic as well but it didn't
matter. Members getting a break from singing/playing to listen and socialize is important and the results show it is true. This approach is clearly a keeper.

The table of song start end times is not available for this jam due to extensive programming changes that were rushed through for the next jam.

2018/Nov/25: (10th Jam) - Bistro Manila

Jay on bass and John on keyboard came out to join me for this jam with BIAB filling in for drums. BIAB did rhythm guitar on many of the songs too. It was a very quiet
night with an almost none existent audience possibly because of Black Friday spending and a sports event. There was no loud Karaoke. I arrived a bit earlier and
had 30 minutes to warm up so I was playing a bit better although my recent right hand position change was still causing some errors. It will take about 6 to 12 months
for that to iron out. Overall the playing was pretty good and as always it was a fun jam. I used my checklist properly and recorded all the songs. However there is a
programming issue and some of the songs did not appear in the actual times list.

2018/Nov/11: (9th Jam) - Bistro Manila

This is the first jam where we had Drums. Keith on drums, John on keyboards, Jay on guitar and Joseph on bass joined me for the jam. The Bistro Manila has a riser
and Keith enjoyed that :-)

Being the first jam at this location there were some surprises causing delay. Specifically dancercize going on when I arrived, needing to figure out my setup on the
other side of the musicians, finding power, dealing with very loud vocal karaoke for 1.5 hoours (I bought ear plugs for next time). I also had some mixer input issues
delaying things. Being late and not warmed up I was nervous even before I started playing. This caused some playing issues on the first few songs. I decided to try
and skip using my computer checklist hoping it would help me catch up. It was wishful thinking. It created bigger than normal gaps between the songs and the actual
times table did not get produced properly. The one entry that did appear in the table showed we started at 19:36 (36 minutes late). We skipped our after jam chat.

Overall the playing was fairly good. My playing got better as I settled down. Rick, Henry and a friend of theirs came out to watch. It was a very fun night. Keith and Jay
wanted to do it every other week. My calendar of available days is set to 8 available Sundays starting after a 2 weeks delay since the previous jam. Keith must have
read my mind :-)

2018/Mar/25: (8th Jam) - Supreme Restaruant and Bar

Cameron on guitar and myself on guitar came out to jam 6 songs. Rick and Henry came to watch. Rick brought his guitar and sat in on two addtional songs.

I finally got the idea to turn the restaurat table I use for (the BIAB computer and mixing board) toward the other members so we can communicate better. That worked
out pretty well.

Henry was watching listening and taking pictures. I put one picture up there which showed all three of us playing. You can view it at this FaceBook link.

It was pretty obvious everyone including myself were having a lot of fun playing and socializing even though both Cameron and I were complaning we were not
playing as well as we normally do. But these are rusty relaxed social jams and that is to be expected from time to time.

2018/Jan/14: (7th Jam) - Supreme Restaruant and Bar

Jessie on sax, Rick on guitar, Joseph on bass and myself on guitar came out. Keith on drums could not make it due to an injured finger.

This was our second jam at the Supreme Restaurant and Bar with great food and very friendly people. As usual the jam was fun and a good social night out. Two of
the people who work at the restaurant said they enjoyed the music and didn't hear any mistakes. After listening to the songs on sound cloud I realized all the songs
were performed fairly well. I had a weakness in my jam operation checklist leading to an error in my running BIAB on one song. The checklist is fixed now.

I am not yet that skilled with my camera but I did manage to get one picture out :-) You can see it at this FaceBook link. I will get better. I need a better camera :-)

I finally got the schedule filled out. We actually played 1 additional song (All Blues) which did not show up for some reason. The calculations show a reasonable gap
between songs. I had filler music and everyone enjoyed that rather than the silence. As you can see from the start times we started a bit late.

2017/Dec/19: (6th Jam) - Supreme Restaurant and Bar
This was the first jam at the Supreme Restaurant and Bar with great food and very friendly people. As usual the jam was fun and a good social night out. The owner
of the restaurant would love to have us back. This is not surprising since every member and every guest had a meal and I heard no complaints about the food.
We had the biggest turnout so far with 6 players. We had two piano players and two bass players so we finally had some switching where some players could be
socializing and listening while others played.
We had a special guest piano player from Austrailia named Kay Cai. She is very studied and played great. You can visit her website here.  I made her a member
and scheduled the jam as usual such that I scheduled about 20 songs and she scheduled 20 songs. We had way more songs than needed so I scheduled the songs
such that the songs with rhythm section players came first or simply by preference amoung the charts we had. In the next jam my list of songs to play will be sorted by
the number of rhythm section players making it easy for me to quickly find the next song to play that involves the most people working down the list until only the
intiators and myself are playing. You can see pictures of the jam at this FaceBook link.
2017/Jan: (5th Jam) - Local's Sport Pub and Grill
Steve, a vocalist friend of his and I got together with BIAB on piano and drums. Steve and his friend sang very well. Unfortunately this is the jam where I allowed us to
go too long between the songs and we lost the location as a result.
2016/Dec: (4th Jam) - Local's Sport Pub and Grill
Steve, Jay, Adam, Alex and I got together to jam without BIAB. When we were not using BIAB we had an an issue with speeding up. I put BIAB in for the rest of the
night and after that none of the songs sped up. I decided to use BIAB from that point on. However in 2018 I decided to loosen this up a bit by using BIAB to count us
in with an all instruments mute starting at Bar #1 so I could see if we were speeding up on a song. If we were able to hold a consistent speed I would do the same on
each subsequent song. If we sped up on a song I would go back to allowing at least one BIAB instrument to play as a way to prevent speeding up.
2016/June: (3th Jam) - John's Home
Adam and I got together with BIAB on drums and piano to do some of the demo recordings.
2016/June:  (2rd Jam) - John's Home
Brian, Richie and I got together with BIAB on drums and piano to do some of the demo recordings.
2016/April:   (1st Jam) Kobi's Home
Kobi, Narayan, Errol and I got together with BIAB on drums to do some of the demo recordings.

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