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FeaturesJazz Karaoke JamsVocal karaokeFinger Style Guitar Society
Style Of Music Jazz and Jazz Blues All Solo Guitar / Guitar Duets
Fill out a form Yes Yes Schedule with the organizer
Use a book to select songs from Yes Yes Yes or write your own
Backing tracks Yes Yes No
Custom backing track styles Yes No N/A
Low pressure rhythm Yes No Yes/No
Jazz solos Yes No Yes/No
Socialize Yes Yes Yes
Odds of getting to know people High (join in) Lowest Medium
Provides performance experience Yes Yes Yes
Solo Performance Yes Yes Yes
Rotational format Yes Yes No (3 song limit)
Speed up protection Yes Yes No
Set your own speed Yes. No Yes
See who is attending on Web Yes No No
Free Form Songs Possible Yes (if agreed upon) No Yes
Any Instrument or Vocals Yes No No
Max performing at any one time 4 to 7 3 2
MP3 recording of your performance Always (just ask) No Sometimes
Last Minute Sit In Maybe. You would need to view the schedule during setup to make your decision but it is not guaranteed. Yes Yes
Always 2 hours of songs Yes. Only scheduled if we have 2 hours of songs so the song gaps are no more than 1 to 4 minutes. No No
Able to prepare to join in Yes (1 day to 1 month) N/A No
Very long distance attendance Yes Yes Not sure
Lyrics on a screen No Yes No
Cancelation notices Yes No Not sure
Cancelation notices (specific song) Yes N/A N/A
Can bass players initiate songs Yes N/A N/A
Can vocalists sing in a diff key Yes. BIAB can transpose. Others can see the new key on the schedule and prepare for the new key if they wish. Not sure N/A