How Lee Ritenour would likely think about the "Band In A Box" Game:

I sometimes play the BIAB game where I set it up for 5 choruses of (Melody, Rhythm, Solo, Comping, Melody) and instead of playing along with it as I normally do I mute all the instruments and try to do it all with my guitar only. Once I am done I check to see how far I am off when BIAB would have completed it (BIAB is accurate to within a tiny fraction of a second). My best time was two bars early. I would have been happy with 1/2 chorus off :-) In our jams when we have a drummer and we play the game that is what I would hope for.

In this video inteview with Lee Ritenour at seconds 10:43 Lee says "
Hey, Life has changed, you got to go with it. If you try to stay in the past in the music business you're in trouble". Lee also says "This is what it is now. Lets get the best out of it.".

If Lee knew of this BIAB game I am guessing Lee might agree with me and say "
A serious gig seeking drummer or any gig seeking musician for that matter who is aware of this BIAB game should accept what is now and get the best of it by being open to practicing the game until they are sure they are good at it so they have an advantage over other competitors."

So my understanding is they use BIAB at Humber College to teach and practice. I suspect the young sharp drummers at Humber will have already thought of this BIAB game and realized it is probably the best tool for testing great time keeping. Those drummers who use it this way on a regular basis at a whole range of speeds will be more likely to get the gigs that require exceptional time than other drummers who do not. Those who use BIAB this way already will have no fear of coming out to play the BIAB game at our jams because they will already know it is a piece of cake for them.