The "Supreme Restaurant and Bar" is a nice jam location. Here's why.
It is a safe environment where you can have fun, relax and socialize so you have another reason to keep up your playing
and practicing. In our prior location if someone came who drank too much and created problems they would be allowed
to stay. At Supreme (our current location) before the 2nd jam started I heard one of the workers say over and over in a
calm voice to a person like that "I don't care, I want you to leave.". He repeated it about 20 times and the person finally
left. Although the stage area is a bit smaller than the prior location's stage our current place is a much nicer place for our
jams and the food is also a lot better than the prior location too (see below).

It is a jam where you can feel safe about making mistakes here and there since we all expect it from each other.  This also
brings the restaurant more business since people will feel more relaxed about coming out.

There are 15+ table seats and 7 bar seats with a good view. I will reserve the day of the jam.

They move some tables to create a stage.

The room is clean.

There is parking out front, at the side and at the back. There is also parking on Birkdale Road.

The menu food looks great and seems reasonably priced. One of our current members has gone there a few times to get
their Roti. Others in our group have said the food was delicious. Their Supreme fried rice is the best I have ever had. You
might want to consider one of these options: 1/ arrive early with a friend for dinner, 2/ take a break from playing to share
dinner with a friend or 3/ join me after the jam to chat and do what I do (I order takeout as a reward for my organizing the
jam and I eat part of it for 20 to 30 minutes before I pack up). They sell beer but they don't sell draft. I am not sure about
wine. Their phone number is 647-350-8832.