Reasons for using BIAB and reasons to not be afraid of it:
BIAB allows us to have more jams and have more fun. These are not serious events. I feel sorry for people think in extremes related to
music and BIAB. They forget having fun and socializing are great motivators to keep them playing and improving.

If you have jammed against music on radio you have essentially done the same as we are doing with BIAB. This is because the BIAB
tracks are real instruments recorded by real and often famous people. They record real playing in all keys against all chords. This is
broken up into segments to be reassembled by BIAB.

One of the most important reasons to use BIAB is to keep the beat consistent at the speed shown in the website that people practice
to. Speeding up during Jams at my home location are not a big problem since we can not lose the location and since people won't be
embarassed if we start going faster than they practiced at such that they can't play their part. However the restaurat location is
different. It was hard to find and and I don't want to risk losing it. Even a novice can detect if we are speeding up and the restaurant
owner asks their patrons what they think. If they say "These guys speed up. They aren't that great." the restaurat owner may decide not
to provide the free jam space. Not only that, during one of the jams with the group, not using BIAB caused us to speed up so much that
I could play the melody well at the start but I literally could not play it when we finished the song. This could embarasse a member at a
public place and cause them to stop coming out. Putting on BIAB fixed this problem for the rest of the night. Having said all this if we
have a full harmony quartet (drums, bass, guitar, piano) or (drums bass guitar, guitar) I am willing to start all songs with BIAB to set the
speed and mute all instruments to see if we speed up by comparing when BIAB ends to when we end. If we hold speed on every song
we can keep this up. If we speed up we thank BIAB for keeping us humble and I put in a BIAB rhythm guitar track (that replaces my
rhythm playing) which plays on every beat so we can llsten to it and avoid speeding up.

House bands cost money. This is a low budget operation. I offered no apologies for this. Not only that it is better if members of the
group get to be in the rhythm section rather than have to pay money for a band. It is way more fun for the group. Why would anyone in
with the interests of the group in mind want to have a house band which would stop us from enjoying the ability to take part as rhythm
section players? That would be silly. To do that and pay money for the house band would be silly to the power of infinity :-) Of course
we can't always get a part filled with a live person so BIAB fills the gap at a very low cost increasing the chances we get to keep our
location and allowing us to have the jams consistently almost every week and still socialize once a week.

I view use of funky keyboards in BIAB for example as no different than using an effects box for a guitar. It provides an interesting sound
but has added benefits of perfect time and interesting notes when a regular keyboard player is not there.

At times there could be 2 to 7 people playing with BIAB. So you can still have lots of human interaction while BIAB is playing.

If you like BIAB as a practice program then think of using BIAB during our jams as the next level of practice up before you get good
enough to leave our rusty group and go to the big stage. You may make more money doing only one solo (3 solos for blues since they
are short).

Using BIAB forces you to keep track of how many solos you have done in songs like the blues or Chameleon. It is a great discipline
tool this way. In the information section of the jam initiation email I give a list of tricks for keeping your place.

Thinking BIAB is going to stop us from interacting musically is silly. It can't yell at us and tell us to stop interacting live :-)

BIAB can't hold you back in your solos. In the demo with Brian on one solo I tried hard to compete with the melody and create a well
structured interesting solo rather than a boring try to impress fast scale solo. I must have done a good job because Brian said "Nice".
He was not listening to BIAB. He was listening to me. BIAB cannot stop you from drawing attention away from it. It is a fun challenge.

If I am not playing melody and maybe playing rhythm or at least playing the last solo to a song I will be setting the mix before I play.
Having the BIAB screen in front of me allows me to figure out exactly where we are in the overall process so I know exactly when I am
to come in to do my solo.

BIAB can be used to transpose the backing tracks for singers. I can accompany by following the BIAB screen in the new key rather
than following a chart. Others can print the chart in a different key. However singer need to indicate this in advance when sending the
email to participate.