Pics Quick Start Guide:
One Picture Quick Start Guide. Study all red text in this picture first. It may be all you need to be up and running!
**Personal Settings Help. This is the basic setup which is done only once.
**Speed Up Tips for Drummers & Percussionists. If you want to keep learning to a minimum read this. You will be waiting until the "Join in Phase" of jam sharing after the jam schedule is built. You will view the schedule and if you want to join you just click a button.
**Initiate A Jam Help. Any person playing any instrument including drums or percussion can initiate a jam.
Key Change Help. If a key change exists there is always a special PDF of the new chords (see #9 below).
Click this link to download 3 free PDF files of the 3 Berklee College real books (normally no special PDF).
PDF download help (When it exists, getting a special PDF of the chords by clicking the Fake Book Code).
PDF download help (Getting a PDF of the chords when you get the "Not a Berklee Fake Book Warning").
Speed Up Tips. This gives general speed up tips. It includes the Drummer/percussionist tips above. You can also get to this picture from the jam schedule.
**Instructions for rhythm section participation. This shows all 3 web pages. The top 2 pictures are not that important. The 3rd picture at the bottom has useful info about the jam schedule including info on the "-S" at the end of the instrument. "-S" indicates the member is doing a solo. Some use this "-S" info to help with their jam prep practice.
The top of the Jam Schedule has a button called "Show/Hide Fake Books". Click that to see the Fake Books/Song Books I have.
Special Fake Book Instructions.  This is for when someone wants to initiate a song using a special fake book which I don't have.
The "Pics Quick Start Guide" is a fast easy to understand (zero confusion) way to learn to use (the jam schedule and its built in custom-input-form) to participate in jams. As of September 2019 eleven members have used the Custom-Input-Form and one has used it 7 times. Once they learn it they agree that it makes participating fast and easy because you basically just check (check-boxes which are located to the left of the song name) to indicate what you want to do. In Jay's member comments he says it takes him 1 minute to get involved in a jam. This matches my tests. My tests suggest it takes 10 minutes for most to get started with the guide and 20 minutes to learn all website features.

Before you begin:
The first thing to do is make sure you have the jam schedule open so you can try things as you learn. Each point below has one or more links you click to get to a web page with a picture and most pictures have a numbered set of comments to step you through the picture in the proper order. Each numbered comment has a line or arrow pointing to the item being explained. Drummers/Percussionists can read the first 2 items if they just want to join in but if they want to initiate songs they need to read the items starting with **. I believe it is a good idea to read over the list first to get a feature overview. When on the jam schedule you might want to use Google Chrome because of its extra handy ctrl+f string search features that other browsers do not have. If you ever see a message "Site can not be reached" in your browser pressing ctrl+r or ctrl+shift+r may fix it.